Getting Started

New to the neighborhood and want to get our utilities started? Find information below.

Garbage, recycling, compost

  • Pickup times, pricing can be found here
  • If you are setting up your billing for the first time, please email the staff at link above
  • Remember: Keep our water clean and neighborhood green! Please put the right items in the right bin: Food & yard waste can be composted, Recycling right

Water & sewer

Paid for by the OSN sub-association dues. This is about 1/3 of our HOA dues so please use water consciously. All homes in the OSN community are on 12 water meters.


In terms of wired connections, Comcast Xfinity is main provider in the area for faster internet speeds. CenturyLink DSL or HughesNet is also available at quite low download speeds.

An alternative may be to use T-Mobile 5G Home Internet or a provider that uses mobile network connections


If you do not know your mailbox number, please contact the Master Association HOA manager on this page

Repairs & Maintenance

For communal property maintained by the association, you may contact HOA managers on this page.

  • Not all repairs or maintenance is covered by the HOA, anything walls-in must be maintained by the homeowner (e.g. water heater replacement, water damage caused by your appliances, painting, etc)
  • If issues are due to homeowner negligence (e.g. grilling next to the siding and causing the siding to warp), then that will be homeowner responsibility.
  • Some things maintained by OSN would include: external dryer vent cleaning, pressure washing sidewalks, gutter cleaning, etc. The maintenance cycles vary for each of these.

Garbage, Recycling, Compost

Notices & Maintenance Log

  • Late 2021/early 2022 - Storm drain maintenance
  • 2021-Jan - Gutter cleaning
  • 2021-Jan - Water Heater group discount - see post here or contact HOA management
  • 2019-Aug - Pressure washing & gutter cleaning - Finnmark Property Services. Please close windows and remove personal items from patio/deck
  • 2019-Oct - Dryer vent cleaning - for additional fee can replace, clean hose behind dryer and test airflow for $25

Random Building Tid-Bits

  • About your building:

    • On the side of each building is normally a locked closet, this is access to water piping
    • The electrical box is generally located on the opposite side of the water heater closet
    • Each building has an external water faucet on the front and back; this would be located at one of the side units and meant to be shared
  • If you need keys to the electrical box, there is a lockbox located on the side of one of the units. Please contact our HOA manager for this information. Please return as soon as you can


  • Q: I need access to the electrical box that is locked at the side of my building (for Comcast Xfinity)

    • A: please contact our OSN HOA manager on this page
  • Q: I need to throw away my mattress or TV, who do I contact?

  • Q: Why are our HOA dues so high?

    • A: There are a lot of factors that go into it and you are able to get the details of this information on each of the HOA's member sites find link here. You can see the breakdown of the budget if you log into the sites and review the documents uploaded there.
    • Generally, the largest costs of Othello Station North's budget goes to:
    • 1/3 for water/sewer costs
    • 1/3 for general maintenance & upkeep (landscaping, pest control, repairs)
    • 1/3 for reserve (some things that may come from here would be roof replacement for the entire community)
  • Q: What are all these things? New Holly, Othello Station North, etc that I keep hearing about:

    • A: At a high level:
    • New Holly is our Master Association. This community of 72 homes were put together as part of a larger community called New Holly. The New Holly HOA consists of mixed income homes owned by individuals. In addition to that, there is the New Holly neighborhood which also includes city-owned homes that are managed by Seattle Housing Authority.
    • Othello Station North is a specific set of 72 homes that are displayed on the home page. This specific set of 72 homes is managed by a sub-association that takes care of water, sewer, landscaping, and general maintenance of these set of homes that look very similar to one another.
    • Seattle Housing Authority (SHA) is an independent, public corporation in the City of Seattle that runs public housing. This corporation serves more than just the New Holly area and includes properties across Seattle. It is run by a seven-member Board of Commissioners appointed by the mayor. As part of public housing it runs, it also provides basic services to those in the New Holly neighborhood, particular trash pickup services.
    • Habitat for Humanity homes are also embedded and intermingled with homes in the Othello Station North community within the New Holly neighborhood.
  • Q: There is an irrigation issue, sprinklers have been going off all day!

    • A: Contact OSN HOA manager immediately, located at this page
Othello Station North