Group Water Heater Replacement (by Jan 2021)

Special group pricing for residents of Othello Station North townhomes! Your board has secured special discounted pricing from Fast Water Heater Company for this project.

Sign up by: Jan 8th, 2021

Install by: Jan 29th, 2021

Water Heater Replacement Program Special group pricing for residents of Othello Station North townhomes! Your board has secured special discounted pricing from Fast Water Heater Company for this project.

Bradford White 50-Gallon “Tall” Electric Water Heaters (RE250T6-1NCWW) We will are recommending Bradford White Water Heaters. The water heater has a 10-Year warranty with 2 years of labor coverage provided by Fast Water Heater, and requires no maintenance. This unit is the most cost effective option we are able to offer for Othello Station homeowners. We recommend the optional FloodStop device for these installations, as it is not incorporated into the functionality of the base unit.

Rheem 50-Gallon GladiatorTM with EcoNet® (XE50T12CS55U1) Fast Water Heater has been asked to provide an option for Rheem’s Gladiator line of water heaters, as they offer a higher wattage element, WiFi connectivity, and built in leak protection. It also bears a 12-Year warranty with two years of labor coverage, and Fast Water Heater is an authorized warranty service provider for the Rheem brand as well.

Optional Flood Prevention Device – FloodStop Valve (Discounted to $269, normally $299)

The flood stop valve will turn off the cold water supply in the event it detects a water leak. This device can prevent $1,000’s of dollars of damage by limiting the amount of water leaked from a failed water heater. These are HIGHLY recommended for any non-GladiatorTM units installed.

Fast Water Heater will install a FloodStop valve for interested homeowners even if their current water heater is not due for replacement.

Discounted Pricing for Othello Station Townhomes 50-Gallon Bradford White | Per Install Cost

  • 10-Year Warranty Package $1,027.00 (Savings of $477 each)
  • 10-Year Package + FloodStop Valve $1,296.00 (Savings of $507 each)

50-Gallon Gladiator | Per Install Cost

  • 12-Year Warranty Package $1,333.00* (Savings of $347 each)

Potential Additional Costs

This proposal is based on the units we were able to view. Therefore, there is the potential there could be something unique with one of the units. Any additional costs needed specifically for a unit will be quoted by our technician and MUST receive approval by the homeowner before work is to commence. Any item quoted would be discounted by 20%.

- Example: Replace Water Shut-Off Valve Discounted to $99, normally $125

- Example: Unique Plumbing Repairs - One of the units we viewed had unique glued-on fittings for the hot and cold lines feeding the water heater. This will require removing the existing fittings, adding new plumbing to connect the flex hoses and replacing the existing fittings with new ones. In this particular instance the technician quoted $200 in additional plumbing, thus we would charge $160 during the group project

Cost If Installed After the Group Fast Water Heater will still provide a discounted price to residents for 90 days should they miss the opportunity to replace their water heater as part of the group. We would provide half the discount listed above in these instances.

Scheduling We will be scheduling (3) installs per day, Monday through Friday during our installation period. Please feel free to reach out to Shawn directly should you have any questions and to sign up! To sign up, please contact Shawn Haggerty, your dedicated project manager using the information below.


All major credit cards as well as personal check. Do not accept cash.

Operating during Covid-19

Safety of the homeowner and our technicians is paramount to Fast Water Heater. We have implemented procedures to continue to operate sanitarily and within all CDC and State guidelines. Hot water is considered an essential service and exempt from State and Federal restrictions. We have prepared our office to work remotely and have our technicians outfitted with P100 ventilated masks, nitrile gloves, and all CDC required sanitation materials.

Shawn Haggerty, Project Manager Email:

Direct: (425)636.7124

Toll Free: (866)673.1779

Othello Station North